World’s First Hemp Airplane Could Be Ten Times Stronger Than Steel

World’s First Hemp Airplane Could Be Ten Times Stronger Than Steel

Hemp is becoming a huge crop that is responsible for the creation of a variety of different products, beyond the medicinal uses that the plant is typically known for. Hemp can be used to make pretty much anything, from clothing to fuel, and even houses. A company called Hempearth is even developing the world’s first hemp airplane.

Derek Kesek, the company’s founder, says that the hemp material that he made the airplane out of is 10 times stronger than steel. Kesek says that at least 75 percent of the plane will be made from hemp, instead of fiberglass, which is typically used for an aircraft of that size. Meanwhile, the wings, seats, pillows and outer shell of the aircraft will be made out of hemp, and the plane will even be powered by hemp biofuel instead of traditional gas or jet fuel.


When speaking with reporters, Kesek made a clear distinction between hemp and its psychoactive counterpart, making a point to insist that the plane will not be made out of a psychoactive substance. Unlike its psychoactive counterpart, the hemp plant does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that many pot users seek out for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Kesek hopes that the hemp plane will make its first trip from Kitty Hawk, N.C., where the world’s first successful aircraft flight took place.


However, this flight has been planned for over 5 years, as the aircraft has been in development for at least that long. Kesek has recently launched a GoFundMe Campaign to help him raise the $125,000 that is needed to complete the project. So far, it seems like Kesek and his team have not even raised $1,500, and the most recent donations appeared to have come in over 3 months ago.  If you’d like to take a step further with more involvement, the company have recently started selling shares in the business.  If you’d like to own a little piece of Hemp History you can Reach out to Mr Kesek at Hempearth directly.

Kesek is optimistic about the project, and said that he eventually wants to make a space ship out of hemp one day.

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