How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

CBD oil has experienced rapid growth and its newfound popularity may leave you with a lot of different questions. There is little denying the fact that there are a huge amount of benefits to the oil, and while studies are still being carried out to pinpoint how and why these benefits occur, the huge amount of people turning to this oil and using it as part of their daily routine can’t be ignored.

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Like with medical marijuana, CBD hemp oil and other CBD products derived from the cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa. This means that a lot of people automatically associate it with “getting high” or experiencing some psychoactive effects. This is not the case at all as any psychoactive elements of the drug have been taken out of the equation. This is a big concern for some people, who have no interest in taking cannabis by smoking it but have heard about a lot of the CBD benefits.

So, if you’re not experiencing any sort of high by taking CBD hemp oil, how does it make you feel?

It should be said that this article is merely a guide to many of the effects that CBD oil and other CBD products like CBD e-liquid and CBD vape oil and can have. Pinpointing the exact feeling is a difficult art and, of course, it varies from one person to another. Other things impacting on how you will feel after taking include any other medication you are on, your current mental and physical state and even your state of mind. The effects, while totally safe, do vary slightly from person to person when used for

THC needs to be addressed. There is a trace amount of THC in CBD oil. This is the element in cannabis that has psychoactive effects. The amount of it which can be found in CBD oil is tiny and means that it will not have an impact on a human adult. Getting a high or any of the other effects of THC is impossible when taking the small doses recommended.

Calming Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil contains

THC has an impact on neurotransmitters which can increase anxiety and feelings of tension. This is why many people experience anxiety when taking cannabis or become paranoid as a result. This is not going to happen if taking CBD oil. CBD represses the arousal of your nervous system and, therefore, has the opposite effect in terms of anxiety. It is even taken to treat anxiety by some people. It gives the effect of slowing your heart rate, easing breathing and stopping anxious feelings.

CBD Oil “Kicking In”

Kicking in

When you put a substance like this in your body, you may sit around waiting for it to start to have its effect. You may expect some sort of buzz or a moment of it hitting you and you realize that it is starting to hit your system. This is not the case for most people taking CBD oil.

It is not like taking a psychoactive drug, for instance. It isn’t like putting morphine in your system and waiting to feel it coursing through your body. This doesn’t happen at all with CBD oil. Instead, the effects are much more slow to be noticed and come with consistent use. Taking the oil for a week at least is the best way to give it a chance to make an impact. There is no use in saying “I took it once and didn’t feel anything,” as it may be that your body will react in a slower way. CBD is released slowly into the system and rather than being one hit is designed to have a longer lasting impact.

What you may feel immediately—or within a few minutes of taking it—is a sense of calmness. Many people who take CBD oil do it before they go to sleep. It can be used to treat insomnia and to give an all-around feeling of being relaxed. It may slow your heart rate and breathing and in doing so induce the sleepy feeling many of us find elusive.

How CBD Oil Stops You from Feeling Negatively

Feeling bad

This is another pertinent thing to consider. The important aspect is not always how CBD oil makes you feel, but the things it stops you from feeling. CBD oil has abilities to stop you from feeling tense, anxious, depressed, and can even stop pain. This generally has the knock-on effect of feeling much better. This is an abstract concept, of course, but it is fair to say that if CBD oil has the effect it can, then well-being is generally boosted, as is your state of mind. Happiness, a sense of calm, and a feeling of contentment have all been associated with CBD oil.

Is There Anything to Be Scared Of When Taking CBD?

Not to worry

You may be reading this due to being worried about taking CBD oil. It is perfectly natural to seek out answers about how something will feel before you put it into your system, especially if this product derives from cannabis. It is important to stress once again that this is in no way equal to taking any sort of drug and the CBD product is processed totally differently.

The general answer is that there is absolutely nothing to fear. The vast majority of people can take CBD oil and have no ill effects and not even any noticeable instant changes in mindset. Very occasionally, users have reported a little dizziness, but this is probably from taking CBD oil that has not been processed properly. If the THC levels in the product are too high, then this can occur. Fortunately, your CBD oil should have been tested to ensure this is not the case. Purchasing reputable oil from a reputable supplier is the key.

Conclusion About CBD and How It Makes You Feel

Though it is hard to pinpoint an exact feeling from taking CBD oil, words like calmness, happiness, contentment, and relaxation are those that go hand in hand with the supplement. It is not the same as saying “caffeine makes you alert and stimulated,” which is a much more simple connection. Instead, CBD oil will affect different brains in unique ways, but usually with very positive results.

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