Cannarket in a Nutshell The easiest is way to look at Cannarket is a cross between Shopify and Amazon. Vendors can:
  1. Create an online store with its own URL
  2. Add logo’s and banners to match their brand
  3. Add about us information
  4. Add all social links
  5. Add products
    1. Simple products
    2. Variable products
    3. Up sell products
    4. Wholesale
    5. Subscriptions
  6. Add store and product SEO to be organically found just like a website
  7. Sell globally with borderless payments
  8. Vendors manage the entire process as they would their normal website
  9. Manage and view all activity on an in-depth reporting feature in their admin panel
  10. Join the drop shipping program
Products are shown on the vendor store which is like a second or even primary website.  Products are also propagated over to the global marketplace. Products can be linked directly, searched on the platform or found in the marketplace giving them far greater visibility and ability to be found Platform fee’s We have a promotion running until we go live for customers in the next 2-4 weeks for a free full access 12-month Gold membership but standard fee’s and access details are below: pricingnew On the basic membership which is completely free from membership fee’s we take a 15% per sale and just 10% per sale on the Gold memberships which does carry a fee but has a host of additional features. Here is the info-graphic I post from time to time but with the view of keeping all info in one doc’ I’m adding it below: CannarketInfograph20 This is a little something we are currently working on which is already available for WooCommerce stores wishing to migrate and Shopify (Magento and BigCommerce are also planned but not yet) is coming soon. importtocannarket20 So right now, we are finalizing the migration tool which literally allows Woocommerce and shopify Stores to pull over all products, inventory, Sku’s and info and images over to their new store on our platform in just a few clicks and takes about 2 minutes and finalizing testing and the negotiation of a few Payment processing options to get the best possible option. THEN…  We go live giving any CBD vendor absolutely everything they need and more, to set up shop and start selling within minutes.  No applications for payment processing, no red tape, no hassle, NO PRODUCT RESTRICTIONS allowing all things CBD and with a BIG FAT BOOOOOM!!! They’re available in the market and 100% able to sell. We have just added a really cool drop shipping functionality which is optional to all vendors where a wannabe / new to the market vendor with no capital or stock can join, fill their store with their chosen products from vetted vendors on the marketplace (from vendors who have opted in to the drop ship program) and start selling and taking a commission per sale.  This also gives vendors the opportunity to essentially build a commission only sales team with zero overheads. We really want to make it simple for anyone to sell whilst making it easy, safe and secure for anyone to buy! Annnd…  That is our vision.  The Amazon of CBD.  The Game Changer. The Home of CBD.

If you think this sounds as awesome as we think it is, simply click the button to the right and get started for FREE!

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