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Having involvement in the #CBD product space since 2015 we’ve experienced the ups and down that come along with working within a #HighRisk or #RestrictedMarket along with more #RedTape than you would ever want to see in a life time and at the same time, I’ve always looked to find ways or solve these problems and not just myself but for others in this space. In September 2018 I had an idea and it was a #BIG one and in November 2018 I started to build it. This idea had to be a #GameChanger and it had to address and fix the issues experienced by everyone working within this space. It had to make things simple for everyone at the same time as making things better. We had to make it easy for anyone to sell products in this market at the same time as making it simple for anyone to buy exactly what they want / need and all in one place.

“We are not here to take part, we’re here to take over!”

That idea back in September 2018 is now the first Global Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Cannarket covers both retail and wholesale products with subscriptions and a drop shipping program in the #Hemp #CBD space on one unified platform. We are already getting more traffic than 95% of the standalone CBD websites online without any advertising / marketing at all and is purely word of mouth that something new is coming. We have been called “The Amazon of CBD” and “A Game Changer” by a few industry experts and investors which is our aim to live up to.

“No longer does anyone have to spend time submitting applications and evading red tape to get payment processing”

Below is an Infographic outlining the key points of what we do but the reality is, there is so much more to us.



As you can see from above, we’ve identified, addressed and overcome the key issues found by all CBD based product sellers by creating a marketplace that is turn key. No longer does anyone have to spend time submitting applications whilst encountering red tape to get payment processing because we have that covered. No longer do vendors need to have a website built whilst encountering red tape there from their platform provider either because you Vendors can create a store on the #Cannarket platform, add their company / brand logo, banners, products, blogs and even do their own product and store #SEO. No longer do vendors have to spend money on marketing to be found #OnGoogle because they’re jumping on-board a platform that will soon have the largest amount of CBD based products found anywhere online with traffic that will be unmatched by any other option in this space.

We then started thinking about adoption. We’ve been offering free 12 month gold memberships to any “Early adopting Vendors” and to date we have around 86 Vendors on-board with close to 2000 vendors with registered interest regarding our launch and both of those numbers grow daily.

We understand that the Cannarket platform is perfect for anyone joining the market but migrating / adding products to our Platform if you already have an active website online can be time consuming and often there is little to no time for this which got me thinking again, we had to adapt and overcome to truly make it simple / easy for anyone and everyone to use so we identified that 95% of the CBD Vendors / websites were using either #Shopify or #Woocommerce. This takes me to the next image / poster / advert we have below.


We believe that this will help adoption from established vendors onto our platform, whether they are migrating to Cannarket completely or whether they’re duplicating their store to have a second route for revenue to support their main website and with market low fee’s due to months of negotiating and not diving on the first option that fell in front of us Cannarket really is a no brainer for any CBD product vendor.

Cannarket is quietly went live over the weekend with our payment processing option ready to go. We believe that we are what the market needs. We know that we are the game changer that will help drive the CBD  space forward into the future.

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